Demi Lovato Misses the Point

2 Dec

Demi Lovato Misses the Point

Demi Lovato is quite adorable, and I actually like her, but her little affection for Lindsay Lohan is quite disturbing.

Via Examiner:

After Lohan was placed under arrest on Thursday for reported assault, Lovato posted on Twitter supportive tweets of the actress and targeted Perez Hilton as well for his less-than-supportive words for the “Liz and Dick” star.

“Hey, how about you just leave her alone, @PerezHilton,” wrote Demi Lovato via Twitter. “Instead of kicking someone while they’re down?”

Look, I completely, agree, kicking someone while they are down is definitely not cool.  However, Lindsay Lohan is a selfish, spoiled bitch.  She deserves to not only be kicked while down, but she also deserves to be stomped on as well.  The chick does not care about anyone but herself, while yes I do agree, her parents are shit, and frankly, she had no choice but to end up how she did, I believe that at the age she is, she needs to get her ish together.

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