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Kenya Moore Is Getting A Bit More Interesting

6 Dec

Kenya Moore Is Getting A Bit More Interesting

I love Michelle’s blog.  I read it all of the time, and I’m going to be real with you guys, this woman ALWAYS has the tea in ATL.

Via Straight from the A:

Walter didn’t have a clue that Kenya was actually trying to get him to marry her so that she could have a real live RHOA on-air wedding like Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas.

Walter’s motivation for appearing on the show was a little bit simpler. He’s rumored to have said that he felt kicking it with the former Miss USA would up his stock… and it probably did. (CLICK HERE to meet ONE of Walter’s many young conquests).

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Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana Together at Last

6 Dec

Lil Wayne - No Worries

Ok, so back in the day, I had the BIGGEST crush on Juelz, so him and Lil Wayne together make my lady parts all happy.


Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne have a ton of collaborations under their belt, even if a bulk of them have gone unheard. While fans are still waiting for the official release of their tag-team I Can’t Feel My Face project, Elz and Weezy are about to take things a step further on the Harlem spitter’s long-awaited third solo LP, Born to Lose, Built to Win. Juelz chose“RapFix Live” to make the special announcement.

“I went out to Miami to chop it up with Wayne. I actually asked him to executive produce my album, Born to Lose,” Santana revealed Wednesday (December 5) when he sat on the red couch with MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway.

It’s pretty safe to say that at least 3 of the songs from this album are going to be on my MP3 Player.

Lindsay Lohan is in Boston with The Wanted

6 Dec

Lindsay Lohan is in Boston with The Wanted

Hmmm, I hope he hid all of his valuables.  Ahhh who are we kidding, that chick sniff shit out like a bloodhound.


Sources close to Max tell us Lindsay is in Boston with The Wanted for their show tonight — and we’re told she got there riding first class on board the group’s luxury bus … as Max’s guest. We’re also told Max is now ‘fessing up he did invite LiLo backstage for the Philly Jingle Ball last night. While Linds hitching a ride with Max is pretty strong evidence she’s got her hooks into him — our source says Max definitely “doesn’t want a girlfriend, and is a single guy … but doesn’t mind having Lindsay around.”

Hmmm, I bet you this will end well.

Oh and in case you couldn’t tell, that last statement was DRIPPING with sarcasm.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Getting Married?

6 Dec

Rihanna and Chris Brown Getting Married

So Rihanna posted the above picture on Twitter, and everyone is going crazy saying it’s an engagement ring.

I think it’s 50/50, it’s obvious Rihanna loves Chris, and personally I think Chris loves Rihanna (I don’t really believe anyone would release the statement he released if there wasn’t some form of felling there), however, I’m just not quite sure (and yes I know there’s the issue of the beating that happened, however, like I’ve said, I’ve been abused before, and the WORST thing you can do is not support the victim, voice your opinion sure, but still always be there, this is what Rihanna wants, so be it.  Not to mention NO ONE was in that car but those two).

Via MediaTakeOut:

There are further rumours Rihanna could be walking down the aisle at the end of the year. The star has allegedly told friends to keep New Year’s Eve free, with pals convinced the couple are planning a surprise wedding.

I know MediaTakeOut is usually quite unreliable, but there have been a TON of reports on the internet on various websites about Rihanna either wanting to have a baby and/or marry Chris in 2013.  Either way, 2013, is going to be a fun year.

Farrah Abraham Comes for Rihanna

6 Dec

Farrah Abraham Comes for Rihanna

Yeah I giggled a bit too.

So remember the chick that got pregnant at 16, and the only reason why we know about her is because she had a reality show on MTV, revolving around her getting pregnant at 16?  Yeah well she just tweeted this about Rihanna:

Downer Rihanna singing @#VSFashionshow that just made the show cheaper, why isn’t she wearing diamonds?

Again, this is the chick that is only “famous” because she pushed out a baby at 16 and was “pretty” enough to make it onto MTV.

Yup, let’s keep talking ish about a chick that is famous for some actual talent (regardless of whether you think Rihanna can sing or not, we can all agree that Farah cannot sing).

Nicki Minaj for MAC

5 Dec

Nicki Minaj for MAC (2)

Check out Nicki Minaj’s newest ad for MAC Cosmetics.

The wild singer has once again teamed up with MAC for another Viva Glam campaign.  This time she’s launching a limited edition pastel lavender pink shade.

All of the proceeds from the sales goes toward helping men, women, and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

The VIVA GLAM  Nicki 2 Pastel  lavender pink lipstick and lipglass will be available at all MAC locations February 9th, 2013.

Just in time for valentine’s day ladies.

What do you think of Nicki’s newest venture?

Rihanna Wants a Baby

5 Dec

Rihanna and Chris Brown Might Have a Baby

It can be hell when that biological clock starts ticking.

Via Belfast Telegraph

“She asked her record company when the best time would be for her to take off, as she wants a baby,” an insider divulged to British magazine Closer.

“They just stared at her. Everyone was pretty open-mouthed. But she hasn’t got any time free in her diary until 2014.”

I love Rihanna, I truly do.  However, I will say the same thing I said with the whole Karrueche Tran is trying to get pregnant with Chris Brown’s baby rumor started going around, having a baby just to keep a man WILL NOT WORK.  Nine times out of ten, it will just make things worse.

Rihanna and Katy Perry are Fighting

5 Dec

Rihanna and Katy Perry are Fighting

So apparently, Rihanna and Katy Perry are upset at each other because they are both dating douche bags (I don’t like John Mayer, and despite the fact I have my own feelings regarding the Rihanna/Chris Brown fight, I do still think he’s pretty douchebagish for beating her as bad as he did and for what he’s doing to Karrueche and Rihanna).

Via Examiner

“Rihanna says that Katy [Perry’s] being a hypocrite since she’s dating John Mayer, who’s one of the biggest sleazeball boyfriends on the whole planet!” claims the insider. “But Katy’s negative words stung [her].”

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Gossip Jack: Why? Because It Feels So Good

4 Dec

Gossip Jack - Why Because It Feels So Good

Ok, don’t read this list if you are pissed off about being broke.  ABC News

Oh good God, there’s more of them.  How the heck is there a Kardashian in Australia?  Celebrity Fix

Look, Chris Brown lighting up three joints and posting it, kind of gives me the giggles.  Hollywire

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And The Cast of Love and Hip Hop New York Season 3 Is…

4 Dec

And The Cast of Love and Hip Hop New York Season 3 Is…

With the popularity and ratchetness of Love and Hip Atlanta, it will be interesting to see if the New York version steps it’s game up.  By the looks of the new roster, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a problem.

View the full list after the jump.

The Regulars

Yandy Smith – Who if you remember, last season, ended her eight-year management role with rapper Jim Jones because of  issues with Chrissy.  Since then she’s had a son with boyfriend Mendeecees Harris

Erica Mena – Apparently this chick is still pursuing her music career and she’s now in a relationship with Rich Dollaz (who is also her manager), I smell a Rasheeda and Benzino 2.0 storyline coming on.  Let’s hope they are better actors.  Although judging from how Erica and Rich were acting last season, don’t hold your breath.

Olivia Longott – This chick is STILL trying to make a comeback.  I like Olivia, and her song ‘December’ was the ish, but seriously, she might want to try modeling.

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