Rihanna’s Cover About Chris Brown

17 Oct

I highly doubt this. I will say she probably did the topless thing to get his attention (you know, look at these boobs you miss), but I don’t think the words really have much to do with Chris, although Hollywood Life does make an interesting point.

Via Hollywood Life:

Rihanna released her album cover and name — “Unapologetic” — today, Oct. 11, which shows a racy pic of the popstar topless surrounded by emotional words! Unironically (or ironically), it left us speechless. And body language expert Lillian Glass tells HollywoodLife.com there are several deep meanings behind the provocative pic that reflect her feelings towards on-and-off again boyfriend Chris Brown.

“It’s a huge statement. All of the words on the album apply to Chris Brown, especially the word that says ‘unapologetic,” Lillian tells us. “She’s been with Chris and still loves him as she tells the world and makes no apologies for her being with him.” Lillian goes on to say that the concept of placing the words in front of Rihanna’s naked body are meant to display what’s she’s feeling inside. “She is naked on the album and in essence letting out what is outside of her and inside of her through the words. It all reflects what she is about and what she is into,” she says.

I think the words are more likely an advertisement to her fans and critics, then to Chris.[end]

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