Reality Bites: Amanda Todd Died For No Reason

17 Oct

You know what, this makes me mad. I’m mad for two reasons. 1) People are so ignorant and self-centered it’s sickening. A lot of people out there have no idea how much power they truly can hold over someone. Nor do they care or care about whether they are truly hurting someone and 2) I hate frauds (I say this because I think the reason why no one took this poor girl seriously is because of all of the “I’m going to kill myself” fake posts and status updates going around).

Via Daily Mail

A 15-year-old Canadian girl was found dead Wednesday night, just weeks after posting a video about her battle with cyber bullies.

The details surrounding Amanda Todd’s death have not been released, but it is suspected to be suicide.

On September 7, Amanda posted a nearly nine-minute YouTube video where she tells the story of her repeated harassment by bullies on a series of notecards.

In the video, she admitted that she had previously tried to kill herself twice.

The Vancouver Sun reports that Amanda was a student in Grade 10 at the Coquitlam Basic Alternative Education School.

The principal of the school confirmed her death and said that she had become connected with many since she transferred to the school in the middle of last year.

‘It is a very sad case,’ Paul McNaughton told the paper.

‘I can tell you we feel we tried everything we could to help her when she came to us.’

In the video, Amanda uses a large stack of notecards to tell how the bullying started when she flashed her breasts friends she had met online after purchasing a webcam.

A photo of her breasts circulated on the web, and caused anonymous people to berate her online.

After moving to a different city and school, another instance of bullying occurred after she started a romantic relationship with an older man who had a girlfriend.

Once that relationship soured, she was confronted and beaten up by the man’s girlfriend. She was hit in front of a crowd of screaming people who encouraged her to be left in a ditch.

She revealed that she had previously been hospitalized due to prior suicide attempts.

Amanda does not speak in the video, and her face is not fully shown, but she confirmed her identity with the last notecard which says her name.

Final message: The video was posted just over a month before she was found dead on Wednesday

One of the final images is a jarring picture of her arm which had been cut repeatedly.

Her death prompted a local politician to release a video of her own that pleads to put an end to bullying.

‘I just heard about Amanda. I want to say to everyone who loved her, to all her family and friends, how sorry I am about her loss,’ British Columbia premier Christy Clark said.

‘No one deserves to be bullied. No one earns it. No one asks for it. It isn’t a rite of passage. Bullying has to stop.

How much do you want to bet that the girl who was all upset about Amanda dating her boyfriend, was either around 17 or 18 or in her low 20s, and that there sickens me even more. Women PLEASE STOP GOING AFTER OTHER WOMEN’S MEN, and for the girlfriends, PLEASE STOP BLAMING THE OTHER WOMAN, IT IS YOUR MAN’S FAULT NOT HERS. He has the loyalty to you, NOT HER. [end]

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