Mimi Faust Thinks We Care

17 Oct

Who would buy a book from this chick? Seriously. Even if you didn’t watch the ratchet goodness that was Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, you had to have heard about this chick doing her version of the universal doorknob.

Via S2S Magazine:

In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, Mimi discussed her life after the first season of the show, and how she felt about her portrayal throughout the season.

Mimi’s 15-year, on-again off-again relationship with music producer Stevie J, (or should we say “Steebie J") was highly televised. The show featured him sleeping with numerous women, including fellow cast member Joseline Hernandez, outside of their relationship.

All that stress would drive any woman to want to write a book, right?

“It’s called Warning Signs, about dating men in the business. So it’s going to be very interesting,” she said.

So this chick is really going to write a book on how to recognize the warning signs when dating a man in the industry. *major side eye with mouth hanging WIDE ASS OPEN* was Mimi watching the same show we were? This chick wouldn’t know a warning sign if it ran up, smacked her in the face, and then spit in her hair (FYI, I would not be surprised if she had received that type of treatment from his King Ratness himself, Stevie J). She is so pathetic I can’t even feel bad for her. [end]


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