Justin Bieber Pisses Off the Wrong Person

17 Oct

So I guess Justin forgot that whole saying, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer.”

Via Examiner:

Justin Bieber is being taunted by an unknown person on Twitter and YouTube. What’s so scary is the fact that, whoever the person is, they apparently have access to some of his private pictures and videos.

The unknown, alleged thief, is going by the Twitter handle @gexwy and gexwy yo on YouTube. So far, the user has managed to upload seemingly authentic videos to YouTube and is posting taunting, belligerent tweets on Twitter.

How such a thing is possible is not clear. Don’t Twitter and YouTube have policies in place to prevent this kind of activity? What is the recourse?

Oh boo hoo. Honestly, all of these little celebrities keep pulling publicity stunts so it’s hard to know what is real and what is fake. I will say this though, for Justin’s sake, I hope it’s all fake.[end]


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