Rihanna is That Chick

11 Oct

Who do you know that can pull off the above outfit?  I mean seriously, RihRih is that bitch.  Look at the stilettos, the half shirt, the short little shorts, OMG, I would wear the hell out of this outfit, and she’s at the gun range to boot.  I want a gun SOOOOO bad.  This chick is living my life.  I love it.

Via Daily Mail:

She is known for shooting from the lip with her outspoken attitude, but this time Rihanna has been shooting from the hip.

The pop star, 24, was in Las Vegas last weekend to perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, but during a break from wowing the crowd she took in a bit of target practice.

And not only did she prove she was a crackshot, she took aim at the targets while still wearing her heels.

She headed to the Guns and Ammo Garage in Sin City, and she got her hands on some pretty damaging hardware as she fired three different guns – SAW machine gun, the M4 and AR-15 rifles.

Rihanna wrote on her Twitter page: ‘Bad gals do it well! We got our guns in the muthaf*****g air.’

Yes, yes, OH GOD YES, I LOVE HER and I’m not sorry one bit for it.


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