Rihanna Fooled By a Bag

11 Oct

Despite the fact she received and wears these knockoffs under false pretenses, I still love her for it.  You just know RihRih is going to see this somewhere and be like “Eh, fuck it,” and still rock those shits, and for that I LOOOOVVVEE her.

Via Showbiz Spy:

RIHANNA has been rocking knock-off designer handbags!

The singer has recently been seen with various different designer Birkin designer bags — some of which sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

But, according to one insider, they just might be valueless counterfeits.

“Trust me when I tell you that several of the so-called ‘five-figure’ Birkin bags Rihanna got from so-called ‘friends’ may appear to be perfect in every detail – but they’re total knock-offs that cost a few hundred at most,” a source said.

It’s pretty jacked up to buy anyone anything and give it to them under false pretenses.  However, I will say this, if I was RihRih, while I probably wouldn’t fuck with the person who lied to me anymore (I don’t handle lying very well, I don’t care if there is a good reason), I would still rock the bags.  Ish is expensive these days and just because you have the money doesn’t mean you need to wastefully spend it and spending $6,895, isn’t exactly thrifty or smart spending.


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