Keyshia & Daniel: Family First

11 Oct

Tuesday night was the premiere of Keyshia Cole’s new reality TV show, hosted by BET, Family First.  The show started off with Keyshia and Daniel’s family celebrating their 2nd wedding by a gorgeous waterfall in Hawaii (the couple got married last year in Las Vegas in a small private ceremony).  Keyshia wore a gorgeous white dress with a white shawl, and Daniel looked dapper in a black tuxedo, however, it wasn’t all smiles in Hawaii, because the Cole family quickly took the wedding from a happy place, to a drama filled place,  which probably helped it become the #1 reality series debut that has broadcasted on cable in 2012, go here if you want to see the numbers.

The show not only gives a rare glimpse into the two stars private lives (Daniel is an NBA player), but it also lets fans take a peek into what it takes to make a hit album as the show follows Keyshia’s making of her upcoming album “Woman To Woman,” which is set to be released November19th, (you can click here, for a sneak peek.  The album and show are shot in Atlanta and the rumor is the show will air plenty of the R&B singer’s recording process, some cameos from big names in the industry, and Gibson’s rehabilitation process.

Watch the first episode after the jump.


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