Monica Upset at Her Baby Daddy

11 Oct


Apparently all of this back and forth is because Rocko is going to be on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Whenever stuff like this happens (you know an ex gets mad at another ex for going on a reality show and it has nothing to do with the children), it always makes me wonder what is the other person hiding?  Personally, I don’t get the point of getting mad about it.  So what if your ex is on a reality show, and so what if they talk about you.  Unless you were into some really freaky shit, there really shouldn’t be a worry.

Anyways, this makes me kind of sad that Monica is all up in arms about this.  I actually really like her and had hoped she wasn’t one of those types of people (you know the type, they can be happy and do fun and good things, but the minute something good happens for you, it’s all “oh you’re trying to hurt me,” and other nonsense like that.

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