Lindsay Lohan Trying Out Attempted Murder

11 Oct

Why isn’t there a pool started by now regarding this chick?  I swear, whoever buys “dying of an overdose, botched prostitution attempt, or in jail,” is going to RAKE in the dough.

Via The NY Daily News:

Be warned — now Lindsay Lohan goes for the throat. The troubled starlet “strangled” her pal Gavin Doyle with his own scarf at Catch on Monday night after she mistook his neck-warmer for one she once purchased for her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, sources tell Confidenti@l.

While tightening the scarf around Doyle’s neck, Lohan allegedly screamed, “I bought that for Samantha!” until security arrived. It’s unclear why Lohan thought Doyle’s scarf and the one she’d bought were one and the same.

Lindz had come to the Meatpacking District hotspot to dine with a small group including her brother Michael, then head to the Catch Roof club upstairs where model Carole Remer was having a birthday bash. But once LiLo and pals of hers who were already up there started drinking vodka sodas — stealthily hidden in bottles of Fiji Water — things escalated. Also at Catch that night were singer Rita Ora, model Tyson Beckford and DJ Sinatra, who provided the night’s soundtrack.

Catch reps couldn’t be reached for comment. Lohan’s reps had no comment.

I am truly not shocked this chick tried to kill her friend over a fucking scarf that Samantha Ronson probably will use to wipe her ass.

This bitch needs serious help, and fast.  Oh and of course her rep had no comment, read: Dina Lohan was too busy with her nose in a big ass pile of Coke to answer any questions, but she was reported as saying, “That bitch deserved it,” as she sniffed up another mound.  So do with that dear readers what you will.


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