Nicole Scherzinger’s Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Cheating

10 Oct

Gee, I wonder why he’s so upset?

Via The Mirror:

Nicole Scherzinger has checked into a London hotel… even though boyfriend Lewis Hamilton has a luxury mansion only half-an-hour’s drive from The X Factor studios. Nicole, who flew in from her home in the US for the live stages of the ITV1 show, had been expected to stay with the Formula 1 World Champion in Hertfordshire.

But the couple’s relationship has hit problems once again after pictures emerged last week of Nicole, 34, ¬cosying up to R&B singer Chris Brown in a Los Angeles nightclub. Sources confirmed yesterday that Nicole has booked 83 nights at a top hotel in Central London for the duration of the singing contest.

A source revealed: “We were shocked last week when Nicole told us she intended she check in to an expensive hotel. When the live shows started everyone expected her to move into Lewis’s beautiful, newly-built mansion. It’s only a 35-minute drive from the studios in Wembley.

“The Formula 1 season ends in a November, so Lewis will be in the country and Nicole would not have been there on her own.

“It’s a beautiful hotel, but in traffic it would probably be a longer journey to the studios. Surely if everything in the relationship was as rosy as they are saying it is, she would just stay with Lewis?”

Yeah, men generally don’t like it when you publicly cheat on them.  Go figure.  Men, they really are from Mars.



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