Chris Brown Needs to Call Bow Wow ASAP

10 Oct

Picture courtesy of Sandra Rose

Despite the rumors going around that Karrueche Tran plans on trapping Chris Brown by getting pregnant, Chris decided it would be a great idea to tap that ass one more time.

Via Sandra Rose:

Much is being made of Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, sneaking out of his Hollywood Hills in the early morning hours. Brown unceremoniously dumped Karrueche for Rihanna in a now-infamous press release last week. But it is entirely possible that Rihanna, Brown and Karrueche have agreed to have an open relationship.

And since Rihanna is not readily available to him due to her frequent travels, it makes sense that Brown has a backup plan.

According to the paparazzi, Karrueche Tran’s blue sports car was seen parked outside of Brown’s home for the past couple of nights. The same paparazzi caught pics of an exhausted Karrueche wobbling to her car after spending the night with her ex.

By juggling two (or more) women, Chris Brown is only doing what God put him on earth to do.

As you know, man’s purpose on earth is to be fruitful and multiply. It is not healthy for a woman to expect her man to stick to her schedule of intercourse 3-4 times a week. A man must evacuate his oysters daily to remain healthy.

According to, “a 2003 Australian study found that men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer.”

Shout out to loyal reader Bird for the tip!

Let’s get this straight, Chris Brown is not still f****** Karrueche because of some biological reason.  He’s still f****** Karrueche because he has yet to grow up and understand that f****** everything under the sun and going back and forth between two women is dumb, exhausting, annoying, and quite childish.  While yes, back in Caveman days and hell even in ancient times, there was a time when men needed to f*** everything that moved, but those times are done, and we are supposedly the superior race, so there’s no reason why a man can’t keep his d*** to himself, and the whole “men are made like that,” excuse is the reason why we have a bunch of little boys running around not being men and raising their children and a bunch of little girls running around not respecting themselves and thinking that ish is either; cute, cool, or acceptable.  There are plenty of men who keep their d**** to themselves, why?  Because the women they love means more to them then some cheap p****.  Now, I will concede that women need to start actually acting like women, however, that shouldn’t happen until men decide they want to start acting like Men, i.e. bringing home the bacon, loving and respecting the mother of their children, and actually raising and being there for their kids.

If men would stop messing around with these little girls *cough Bow Wow* *ahem Chris Brown* then maybe they would find the right chick, and then they wouldn’t have so many “problems” keeping their hands to themselves.

Or you know, they could just grow the f*** up and get some balls.  Whichever works.


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