Chrissy Still Wants Jimmy’s Kids

9 Oct

I have to say, I give Chrissy a ton of props.  Despite pressures from her man, her “friends,” and her man’s mom, she refuses to rush into marriage and having a baby.  I commend her on both points, 1) for not rushing into a marriage without being 110% ready and 2) for not having a baby because a)she’s not ready for marriage so how is she ready for a baby (8ahem, cough Emily B should be REALLY listening hard to that point*** and b) she’s not quite sure Jim is ready for a baby.

While, I’m not quite sure why she proposed to him and made such a big deal about him proposibng to her, I do still give her props.  Anyways, check it out below;

Via Examiner

For viewers of both “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” as well as the original “Love and Hip Hop,” it may come to a shock to learn that Chrissy is 41. But Chrissy opts to divulge her age in an intimate conversation with Emily on Monday, where she recounts her revealing trip to the fertility doctor.

“I went to the fertility doctor and she said that the whole freezing eggs thing…it’s not the way to go,” Chrissy tells Emily B.

“Why not?” asks Emily.

“For one, I’m 41 years old,” Chrissy replies.

“I don’t want to leave this world without being a mother,” adds Lampkin.

Chrissy’s biggest concern with having a child is clearly Jim Jones. They still have not finalized a date for their wedding, and Lampkin remains worried that Jim will spend more time in the studio than at home changing diapers.

Due to this stark realization, Emily asks Chrissy a blunt question.
“Are you prepared to never be a mother?” says Emily.

“I wouldn’t be happy if it never happened,” replies Chrissy, who then breaks down in tears.

You see, this just makes me love her even more.  Emily on the other hand is really starting to get on my nerves.  Seriously, with friends like her, who needs enemies.  I know some might see Emily’s little convo with Chrissy as a friend being a friend, but I think it’s pretty f’ed up of her to not be supportive of the reason WHY Chrissy doesn’t want to have a baby.  It’s obvious Chrissy wants to be a mother, and it’s even more obvious that Jim is not ready for family life, so why isn’t Emily trying to help her deal with that instead of trying to talk her into being an idiot like her.  Oh wait, Chrissy is already smarter, Jim actually claims Chrissy without her having to be on a Reality show first.




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