Reggie Bush Doesn’t Like Protection

8 Oct

Allegedly, Reggie Bush’s girlfriend is pregnant and Reggie is pissed about it.  Now I’m 50/50 on this, and that’s because Reggie dated Queen Cum Basket, at the height of her famewhorishness, and if Reggie is dumb enough to not put a condom on or believe the whole “I’m on the pill” thing, then best believe, Kim would’ve been pregnant faster then you could say “Lickkity Split.”

Via Bossip

Our insider tells us exclusively that Reggie and Lilit have been together for a little over a year, and he moved her from L.A. to Miami so she could be on his arm during the NFL season.

We’re also told that he’s PISSED about the whole situation, but she is VERY adamant about keeping the baby, so Reggie isn’t going to fight her about it.

When will these stupid ninjas learn to stop dealing with these off-brand, good-for-nothing, can’t-wait-to-be-a-baller’s-baby-mama azz hoes alone?!

All I have to say is if this is true, then prepare yourselves for the anti Christ (a.k.a. KimYe’s baby) to be conceived ASAP.  Kim and Kanye will not have BOTH of their exes pregnant at the same time, while she is barren.  That just WILL NOT happen.  Best believe Kris is getting the turkey baster ready right now.



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