Karrueche Tran Cannot Be That Dumb

8 Oct

I think someone needs to read my post, “Baby Does Not Equal Man,” because Karrueche is allegedly coming up with the dumbest idea known to women.  For the last freaking time, getting pregnant by a man will not make him stay, especially if he has money and/or doesn’t want you to begin with.

Via Tattle Tailzz:

And let’s get ready to rumble. Even though Karrueche tweeted her little heart away and Chris professed his love. Karrueche has another plan to get her man back. According to my favorite people  Karrueche is out for blood and she is not stopping until she wins. How else does a woman plan to get a man who is not checking for anymore? By getting pregnant. Her friend Seiko H. who is spilling TEA to make sure that it gets in the right hands and ears, is WARNING Chris to STAY AWAY from Karrueche because she is going to try and TRAP HIM. 

Karrueche’s friends  has always advised her to get pregnant to ensure that he “never” leaves her but ,  she felt that, he was going to put a ring on it and then let her bear his children someday. Now that he dumped her like trash, she feels so devastated that the pain she is feeling is slowly but surely morphing into scorn and hate in the purest form. Hearing any song of Rihanna’s makes her sick. She even receives anonymous calls from girls “laughing” at her. All she has been doing is screaming and crying around all day.

Ok, first of all, I do feel bad for Karrueche.  I have been in her shoes; I’ve also been in Rihanna’s, so I know how both of these ladies feel.  And my advice to both is simply this, for Karrueche MOVE ON, girl trust me, even if he does come back, you can kiss any respect from him goodbye and be prepared for your future children to have a BAD life, and as for Rihanna, look chica, you got him, so make it count.  But if it doesn’t work out this time, MOVE ON.  There’s no point, and all it’s going to do is waste EVERYONE’S time.


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