Jay Z Speechless at the Site of Beyonce

8 Oct

Beyonce proves she still has what it takes to make her man go speechless.  The “Crazy in Love” singer wowed not only fans, but also her husband in a tight leather outfit as she performed one of my favorite songs ever, “Forever Young.”

Via Entertainmentwise:

The most powerful couple in the music industry proved they’re still Crazy In Love when rapper Jay-Z was so distracted by his wife’s tight leather stage outfit that he missed his own cue.

Each hugely successful in their own right, the power couple love to perform together, too. Jay-Z invited his wife on stage with him at a gig in New York on Saturday, and was so bowled over by the outfit she turned up in that he forgot to begin rapping!

They’re notoriously private about their relationship, but Jay-Z couldn’t maintain his poker face as she sashayed on stage in tighter-than-tight leather ensemble. She’s definitely still got it after giving birth to their beautiful daughter Blue Ivy!

Video Link

Seriously, I don’t care what ANYONE says, I love these two together, and it’s quite obvious that they love, respect, and admire each other, and honestly, how can anyone hate on that.


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