Is Bow Wow Broke?

8 Oct

Hmm, I didn’t know Bow Wow was broke.  It always amazes me how someone who makes millions and who has made millions for a while, ends up broke.

Via TMZ:

Gotta say … we were scoffing at Bow Wow this week when he told a child custody judge he was only pulling in $4,000 a month … and then announced just hours later he was becoming the host of 106 & Park … but we just found some documents that show creditors have been chasing him for 3 years over a car.
B.W. leased a 2005 Ferrari F430 back in 2008.  It didn’t take long for the rapper to fall behind, because in February, 2009, the leasing company sued him and got a judgment for $216,084 … oh, and 75 cents.

Since getting the judgment, the leasing company has been on the hunt for payment, using a collection agent to track down Bow Wow.

Mr. Wow never paid, and now with interest the judgment has swelled to $283,785 … oh, and 13 cents.

Bow Wow told the custody judge he only had $1,500 in his bank account and leases a jeep.  Wow, maybe Bow was telling the truth.

Bow Wow either needs more people or less people, but either way, he really needs to get his finances in check.  Especially since his baby mama seems a little gold diggerish.


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