Reality Bites: Reality TV Star Gets a Dose of Reality

5 Oct

LOL, see what I did there in the title?  Ya, I’m smart.  Anyways, apparently some producer for some reality show called “Pawn Queens,” was scammed by his friend/partner.  He needs to sue his partner for coming up with such an idiotic show.  I haven’t heard of this thing.  I’m guessing it’s not all that popular.

Via Hollywood Reporter:

Robert Zazzali, an executive producer on several reality TV shows including TLC’s Pawn Queens and History’s Deep Sea Salvage, is suing his former partner, Jason Morgan, for allegedly stealing his compensation.

Zazzali alleges that because he was a “team” player at Varuna Entertainment and because his “good friend” personally requested it, he acquiesced to Morgan’s demands to forgo executive producer fees until the production company made money. But Zazzali believes that the company was making money, and that Morgan was embezzling it.

A lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in California federal court.

According to the complaint, Zazzali and Morgan worked with each other for seven years on many shows, beginning with CMT’s The Drive. The two were said to be close. At Morgan’s wedding, Zazzali was the best man.

Look, I don’t care if you consider someone to be your brother or sister from another mother, DO NOT WORK FOR FREE.  That’s some serious BS.  Seriously, if the person really was that close to you, that’s the LAST thing they would ask you to do, and if they had to, they would make sure you were one of the FIRST people paid.


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