Nicki Minaj an Actor?

5 Oct

Remember the blow out Nicki and Mariah had a few days back?  Yeah well, so does everyone else, because they are still talking about it (yes, me included).  Well according to some stories, Nicki is a crazy bitch who not only wants to slap the shit out of Mariah (seriously though, I bet more than half the people that have met Mariah, have probably wanted to slap the shit out of her) or shoot her, while other reports are saying this is all fabricated by the American Idol producers to drum up more interest in the show.

I could go either way.  I wouldn’t put it past all of them to come up with some big scheme to get ratings, however, I don’t see Mariah wanting to share the spotlight like that, and I don’t see Lil Wayne allowing his prodigy to be looked at by the masses like a crazy ass black chick.  So, I’m going to go with Mariah was being her usual insufferable bitch self and the Trini came out of Nicki, and she couldn’t deal with the BS anymore.

Via Zeenews

Los Angeles: Singer Nicki Minaj is reportedly furious at the producers of singing reality show ‘American Idol` for fuelling fellow judge Mariah Carey against her.  Minaj, 29, recently had a brawl with the 42-year-old Carey on the sets of the show.  She feels everything is being set up so that the show gets more attention from viewers, reports  Minaj has even threatened that if a tussle with her fellow judge comes up again, she might as well walk out of the set.

Like I said, I wouldn’t put it passed Simon Cowell to come up with some scheme like this; however, I don’t think the egos on that show could handle it for long.  Either way, I’m still not watching the show.  It’s boring and dumb, no matter who the judges are.


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