Karlie Redd Still Not a Fan of K. Michelle

5 Oct

Mind you though, this comes from the chick who had to have a faux romance with Benzino just to get some air play on a rachet ass reboot “reality tv” show.

Via Tale Tela

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Karlie Redd has co-signed her fellow co-star K. Michelle as bi-polar “crazy”.

Talking to Street Disciplez radio, the reality star took a shot at her arch nemesis calling her crazy despite her attempts to reach out to her.

“You can’t trust people who are like psychos,” the Love & Hip-Hop star told the radio station.

“She’s definitely crazy, like bi-polar crazy,” added Redd.

In June, the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta stars were caught up in a beef on Twitter after Redd retweeted an offensive tweet made by a follower about K. Michelle.

Since then the reality stars have publicly continued to throw shots at each other with no indication of ever making up.

Watch the whole interview below to hear what else Karlie Redd had to say about her beef with K. Michelle and other Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta dramas.

Again, this is the same chick who really thought that society was dumb enough to believe that a) that was her real ass and b) she really loved ole turtle neck.

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