Kanye West Finally Wakes Up

5 Oct

I know you were all waiting on pins and needles to find out why the human cum dumpster, Kim Kardashian, wasn’t with Kanye at Paris Fashion Week.  Well brace yourselves, because it’s a doozy.  You would’ve never figured it out, if I hadn’t told you.  Ready?  Here goes. 

Kanye figured bringing Kim to Paris for fashion week would be bad for his reputation.

Oh really Kanye?  No shit Sherlock.  Maybe now that Kanye has finally figured out he’s dating a cum dumpster, he can do more important things like cure cancer and/or aids.  He’s obviously the smartest person around.

I mean really, has Kanye like sleeping through the past few months?

Via Coco Perez:

According to reports, Kanye West “had no intentions” on taking Kim Kardashian to Paris Fashion Week because “he didn’t think it was good for his reputation.”


When Yeezy responded to his invites he never checked the plus one box, and failed to tell Kimmy he was even going across the pond to view the shows.

And after all the dramz that happened during Haute Couture Fashion Week in July, Kanye felt “uncomfortable bringing her” because he “wants to be taken seriously.”

Alright now, let’s set aside the fact that the last couple of times Kanye went to Paris fashion week, he was basically laughed out of the city (and that was before Kim mind you), hopefully this is one of the many steps to the beginning of the end of KimYe.  (Although I will say this, that promo commercial they did with Kevin Hart was FUNNY as hell, but then again I love Kevin Hart and Kanye, so I think they were just shielding Kim from me).


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