Is Lisa Turtle Depressed?

5 Oct

Ok, this is me really showing my age.  Saved by the Bell was my SHIT, and I wanted to be Lisa Turtle.  I wanted to dress like her, act like her, oh and when she got to be with Zack Morris, I was DONNNNEEE, I basically single white female her ass LOL.  But then I grew up, got a better fashion sense (although I’m not even going to try to lie, I’d still rock some of her outfits from the old show), and moved on from my Lisa Turtle girl crush.

Now with all of that being said, the below kind of bothers me.

Via BET:

Not so, says her mother Tricia, telling People that Voorhies is in fact suffering from bipolar disorder. “There are things that have traumatized her,” she says. “I care deeply about my daughter and I want her to resume her life.”
Voorhies, meanwhile, is downplaying her mother’s concern, telling the magazine that she is “over-loved” by Tricia and that she is doing fine, working on small projects and an album.

As for her odd behavior in the now-viral video, which shows her rambling and staring off into space mid-sentence, Lark says “I have a strong spiritual sense. You caught me in moments of pray [sic].” 

Bi-polar depression is nothing to sneeze at, so I really hope for her sake that if she is depressed she does get help.

Oh and can we please just touch on all the plastic surgery this chick has had?  I don’t get it.  Lark Voorhies was BEAUTIFUL back in the day, so why she would choose to do THAT to her face, is beyond me.  Looking at that picture, sort of makes me believe her mother.  Only someone seriously depressed would F up their face THAT much.



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