Rihanna and Chris Brown: Not Even Trying Anymore

4 Oct

Via Opposing Views:

Chris Brown was photographed creeping out of the same New York City hotel where Rihanna is staying this week, prompting many to wonder: Did Chris Brown and Rihanna spend the night together?

The answer is clearly yes. And our friends over at Celebuzz have the exclusive details:

This coincidence follows Celebuzz’s exclusive report that the twosome were “hugging and kissing” at celeb hotspot Griffin Monday night.

An eyewitness confirmed that Rihanna, 24, and Brown, 23, were seated at separate tables — two apart from one another — before he “climbed over the center to get to her.”

Once Brown made his way over to his ex, he removed his shirt and started “dancing on the table for Rihanna,” before the two began “dancing together and being very smitten,” according to the source.

Rihanna and Brown certainly didn’t hide their affection for one another as numerous people also witnessed the former couple kissing in the club.

Brown left Griffin first at approximately 3:50 a.m. with Rihanna following closely behind.

Seriously, these two aren’t even trying to bother hiding it anymore, so can we please just get an official announcement and be done with this already?


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