Karlie Redd States the Obvious

4 Oct

Show of hands, who really thought these two were a couple?  Anyone?  Nope, no one? Oh ok that’s what I thought.

Via Dr. Jays:

She told Street Disciplez Radio:

“Benzino’s a good actor, put it like that. He’s a good actor. And the award goes to…”

When asked whether she knew Benzino was acting during their on screen romance, she said:

“At that point, I knew what it was about. I knew how he is. I started learning, you know. That’s why I said, I basically put him on because if it wasn’t for me, there would be no love on the show for Benzino. He wouldn’t get camera time. So when I said, ‘I put him on’, not that I put him on The Source, I put him on to this, I put him on to that, I put him on the show because without meeting me, he wouldn’t get camera time.”

During the interview, Karlie also shot down any belief anyone may have had that the ring Benzino proposed to her with on the show was a true reflection of how he felt, revealing that the bauble was borrowed:

“He borrowed a ring. I mean yeah, you never borrowed a ring to go on a red carpet? I mean all these celebrities that..half the celebrities they actually borrow Harry Winston to do red carpet, VMAs, or Oscars, or Emmys.”

OMG, please chica.  You are both broke, you are both truly irrelevant, and both whack as hell for coming up with a whack story line.  If they were going to fake a romance, they could’ve at least made the ish seem believable, but instead they are now more of a laughingstock then they were before they were on the show.  I’m only watching the second season for; well shoot, actually for everyone EXCEPT these two LOL.

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