Gunplay and 50 Cent Have Beef Now

4 Oct

This shit is getting ridiculous.  I mean seriously.  Is Beef the new rappers must have?  Kind of like how celebrities are obsessed with Givenchy lately.  Either way, I hope they get tired of this ish soon, because I’m supper over it all.

Via Hot 97:

Well as things cool down with the “Ross vs. Jeezy” beef, it seems rapper Gunplay is just turning up. The hothead said in an interview earlier that he wants to “kill” artist 50 cent and the entire G-Unit crew. The two were involved in an altercation which broke out after the BET Hip Hop Honors in Atlanta Saturday night. Gunplay claims to had taken on five guys by himself, before being maced by police, while 50 hid behind security. He ended the interview by saying “we just going at with everybody, let’s go kill ’em all”. Sheesh! MMG clearly has no chill button.

Again, this is whack as hell.  Rappers now a days need to get it through their head.  Just because you rap, that doesn’t make you Tupac, Biggie, or “About that Life,” so they all need to just chill out.

Listen to the Interview



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