Fun Fall Fashion Must Haves

4 Oct

Yes ladies, it’s fall, and unless you live in a warm climate, it’s the season when it starts to get very cold and the ugly starts to come out (in clothes that is), but never fear.  Veronica is here to save the day.  Below are some fall fashion essentials that will not only keep you warm, but they will also keep you fashionable as well.

  • Take a hint from the celebrities, who were spotted in many different forms of leather this summer, and started adding leather to your wardrobe.  Textures are in this fall, so don’t be afraid to try some cute faux leather pieces, try getting a piece with faux leather detailing on the shoulders, elbows, pockets, and/or kneecaps.  Leather jewelry is a good option if you want to go with the rocker chic look.

  • The colors, the colors, the colors, are in this fall.  From brightly colored dresses put in the streets, to bold and daring pieces on the runway, the fashion world let it be known that for this fall, color is in.  So try getting a pair of dark green trousers or a cute burgundy top.  And as always, colorful jewelry is a great way to add a fun look to an otherwise dull outfit.
  • Bling is in.  Sequins have been everywhere and so have metallic.  Don’t be afraid to go with a shiny tank top, or a sparkly skirt.  Just make sure you don’t go glitzy overload. 
  • Hot shoes are a must have no matter what season it is.  But for the fall, leopard print, thin high heels, pointed toe, and embellishments, are all great ideas to start with, when looking for a trendy pair of shoes to wear this fall season.

These are just some of the fall fashion essentials that you can wear.  Leave some of your ideas in the comments.



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