Nicki Minaj Vs. Mariah Carey: Round 1

3 Oct

I’m from up North, and let me tell you, chicks from NY don’t take any bullshit.  As much as people want to talk ish about Nicki’s little Barbie act, they forget that she’s from NY originally, and she does not play.


Nicki Minaj derailed the “American Idol” auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina today, after swearing at Mariah Carey and threatening, “I’m gonna knock you out” … sources tell TMZ.
In the footage, obtained by TMZ, Nicki is clearly furious … shouting, “I told them, I’m not f*ckin’ putting up with her f*ckin’ highness over there.”

Sources say Nicki later threatened to “knock out” Mariah … but that part wasn’t captured on tape.

Look I love Mariah Carey, I really do, and while I like some of Nicki’s music, I am still on the fence as to whether or not I like her, but I will say this, Mariah is a known for being a notorious Diva and bitch, so I’m going to go with Nicki had a pretty good reason for blowing up on Mariah, and trust, I’m quite sure Nicki would knock Mariah the hell out.  Image be damned, and I’m going to be honest, I think Mariah needs a little reality.  The chick hasn’t been in reality since before she became famous.

If you click the TMZ link, you can see the video of the altercation.


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