Lil Wayne Breaks Elvis Fan’s Hearts

3 Oct

Lil Wayne broke Elvis record for most songs on the Hot 100 charts by a solo artist.  I told ya’ll, my man doesn’t play around.

Via L.A. Weekly:

Last week, rapper Lil Wayne added to his already-quite-substantial legacy by breaking Elvis Presley’s record for most songs on the Hot 100 charts by a solo artist. Immediately, however, many began squawking that this record deserved an asterisks, a la Roger Maris’ 61 home runs.

Wayne’s feature on The Game’s “Celebration” was the 109th time Weezy has charted; pretty impressive, especially considering that while Wayne just turned 30, Elvis had his 108th hit 26 years after his death. The trolls who find the Martian’s name not worthy of mention in the same sentence as the King had a field day, but even Billboard‘s piece on the record felt the need to undercut Wayne’s achievement by pointing out, of his charting songs, he’s the lead on less than half.

Weezy has been the lead artist on 42 – or only 39% – of his Hot 100 hits, showing as a featured act on his other 67. Presley was billed as the lead artist on all 108 of his chart hits.

I can’t believe people are really trying to diminish his accomplishment.  Do people even remember and/or care what music and the music industry was back then compared to what it is now?  It doesn’t matter if some of those 100+ songs were hooks, people are forgetting that a) Weezy’s hooks are sometimes long enough to be considered a record, the man is that talented, b) that back in the day artists weren’t exactly trying to share the credit, so it wasn’t like Elvis was being offered hooks, but I guarantee you, if he was, he would’ve done them.

Let Weezy live, geez.  Congrats to Weezy F Baby.

P.S. Please give me more of the Lil Tucheni, God I love when the man raps as him.  It’s a turn on.



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