K. Michelle Too Big For Her Britches

2 Oct

I really hope this rumor isn’t true.  I really like K. Michelle, I think she has a pretty voice, good songs, and a good story to tell (yes I think she needs to let go of her anger and bitterness to truly be able to tell her story to help like how she would like it to), so I’m hoping that she didn’t act like the asshole they are saying she acted like at the Vybe Nation and 95.7 The Beat show.

Via All Hip Hop:

A few local artists warmed up the crowd, and everything was going well. When it was time for K. Michelle to come out, she decided that she was too big of a star to go on before Lyfe Jennings. After a good 45 minutes of a dark stage and an angry and booing crowd, Lyfe Jennings came out and shut it down. He let the crowd know that K. Michelle was there, and just didn’t want to go on for some reason.

Everyone backstage was arguing with her trying to convince her to perform.  She got paid, so that wasn’t an issue. Then the plan was for her to come out after Lyfe Jennings, just to say hello to the crowd and let them know was in the building. But at that point, any mention of her name and the crowd was booing. She ended up leaving the venue. The crowd was left not knowing what was going on.

Damn, K. Michelle! How are you on it like that already!

I didn’t want to believe it, but check out Lyfe’s tweets below:

And there is video over at All Hip Hop’s site, just click the link to see, this is so sad.  Like I said, I really do like her, but she needs to get a grip.  That was just plain wrong for her to do.



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