Is Usher Mad?

2 Oct

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I do not believe for one minute Usher is going through all of this drama because Tameka cut him off.  This rumor sounds like such a blatant lie that it’s actually laughable.

Via Straight From the A:

Just like [Usher]’s using the kids to hurt her, that house has often been that ONE THING Usher had to hold over Meeka’s head. When she doesn’t ‘fall in line’ with Usher’s demands, he (or his high powered PR) go into attack mode.

Now that she’s shown that she’s NOT giving up her fight for the boys, it’s on an poppin yet again.

Another bone of contention is Tameka cut him off.

The source continues…

He expected her to still give it up whenever he was in town. Like she was supposed to go from being his WIFE to his jumpoff? When it became clear that Meeka finally pulled the plug on that cat, he got pissed.

Usher didn’t want her to have the boys around any other men, and even put a clause in their divorce agreement that there were to be “no overnight guests.” The agreement was for them BOTH but he had them around Maya (the bridesmaid he was sleeping with), Grace (his manager/girlfriend) and God knows who else.

Like I said, I call absolute utter bullshit on this one.  I could possibly believe Usher is a jerk enough to be all like “You can’t have men around the boys,” while he brings every skank and groupie he wants around his kids, however, I do sort of find that more to be in the 50/50 truth category then the other rumor.

What do you think?



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