Theresa Giudice is Crazy

1 Oct

I am absolutely addicted to Reality TV.  It’s an addiction I’ve had ever since the original Real World (you know when the cast were actually “REAL PEOPLE”), anyways, it’s rare you come across an actual real live crazy person on the screen.  And I mean really crazy, the type of crazy that has you actually feeling bad for the person.  Well Real Housewives of New Jersey, has the crazy all locked up in Theresa Guidice.  I mean this chick is really bonkers.  I’ve watched all of the seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and it just interests me how this women can have ANY fans or friends.  I mean the shows are aired on national television right?

Via Reality TV Magazine:

According to Radar Online, on the reunion show, Caroline pokes fun at Teresa over her green dress, because, well, it makes Teresa look like a “Christmas tree.” And then Teresa goes on the attack, telling Caroline: “Look at yourself, you have three rolls. Blubber, blubber, blubber. And with your tummy tuck. You couldn’t walk for four months because you were hunched over.”

Furious over Teresa Giudice’s comments, Caroline fires back: “You know what? I f**king wear them proud! I have no Botox, I have no fillers, I’ve never had a facelift.” And then, of course, Teresa made sure to tell Caroline Manzo that she should invest in some botox herself.

I actually watched the first part of the reunion, and while Caroline is one of my favorite people ever, I did think she was being a bit much on the reunion show, but Theresa.  Ya, that chick has ISSUES.  I really wouldn’t mind seeing her get her ass beat, or reading about THAT on the cover of Us Weekly.

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