Reality Bites: When Reality TV Goes Bad… Once Again

1 Oct

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This is just so sad.  Regardless of how you feel about the sex industry, people don’t deserve to be killed because of it.  And if you are embarrassed because someone you love works in the sex industry, and you just HAVE to kill someone, try yourself, because seriously, you need to just get over it.

Via Worldcrunch:

A Peruvian man is behind bars for allegedly raping and strangling to death his teenage girlfriend, a reality TV participant whose on-air confessions police say led to her murder. 

The victim, 18-year-old Ruth Thalía Sayas Sánchez, earned 15,000 Peruvian soles (about $5,800) for her recent appearance on El Valor de la Verdad (the Value of Truth), a Peruvian reality TV show that asks participants to share intimate secrets about themselves. 

During the show’s pilot episode, the young woman told host Beto Ortiz that she didn’t really work in a call center, as she’d led friends and family to believe, but as an exotic dancer. She also confessed she’d received money for sex, and said that she was embarrassed about her Andean roots, Argentina’s Clarin reported.

Just over two months after the show aired, Sayas Sánchez went missing. Ten days later, police located her lifeless body in a makeshift grave on the outskirts of Lima. Authorities say the victim’s 20-year-old ex-boyfriend, Bryan Barony Romero Leiva, confessed to the crime, admitting he drugged, raped and then strangled the young woman.

This piece of shit deserves to rot in hell.  Especially after he lied to the mother about her daughter’s whereabouts.  Stuff like this makes me so angry.  Just because you don’t like something, that does not give you the right to harm another person.  Or anything for that matter (animals don’t deserve to be hurt either).  I hope he gets ass raped EVERY day in jail.


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