Brawling at the BET Awards

1 Oct

So at the taping of the BET Awards, which premiers October 9th, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy allegedly got into an altercation which stems from a long standing feud that the two rappers have apparently had for some time.

Via Hollywood Reporter:

The feud between the two Def Jam artists reportedly came to blows — and possibly gunfire — during the taping of the show in Atlanta.

TMZ on Sunday posted video that shows the chaos backstage, with security guards stepping in to break up the fight. Ross, who is shirtless, is seen yelling and then being escorted away. Security intervenes as the person Ross is yelling at tries to follow.

 Ross and Young Jeezy were once collaborators, but have been involved in a feud for the past several years.

Saturday’s confrontation between the men’s entourages escalated from words to “pushing and shoving,” reported HipHop Dx, citing on-the-scene tweets from HOT 97’s Funkmaster Flex. 

Complex reported that the fight moved to the parking lot, with the sound of gunshots and a police arrest of a gunman following. Machine Gun Kelly tweeted he was injured in the fracas: “Got mase in my eyes. That beef shit just got real outside.”

Video of the alleged brawl:

Brawl at the BET Awards


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