Ballin on a Budget: Tips to Make a Homemade Leather Bracelet

1 Oct

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Leather is the newest fashion must have this season, but it can be very expensive.  Here is an interesting way to save money and still be fashionable; tips to making a homemade leather bracelet.

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Tip #1: Get your Supplies –You will need 4-6mm round beads, leather cord, thread, and a button or bead. You can use gemstones, glass, crystals or pearls. You may want to determine how many times you want the bracelet to wrap around your wrist. The number of beads you will need depends on this.

Greek leather is an excellent choice for the leather cord. Try using 1.5mm and 2mm lengths. The thread you choose must be sturdy enough to pass through the beads twice. Pick a color that matches the leather you chose. Alternatively, choose a nice contrasting color for added flair. You will need a button or bead for the clasp.

Tip #2: Tools You Will Need – You need a few simple tools, including scissors, clips or clothespins, a needle and workspace. Optional tools include a needle threader, thread conditioner and glue. Try using GS Hypo Cement or Bead Fix as added security for your knots.

Tip #3: Make Your Bracelet –

Step 1: Choose the length of your bracelet. This determines the length of the leather you will cut. You will need double the amount of thread of the final bracelet length. Measure your wrist. Triple that number to get the needed length. Multiply by seven for a triple wrap style.

Step 2: Thread and knot a long piece of thread. Knot the leather and thread, leaving a loop at the end. Hold the thread by the knot to center it on the thread. Leaving a loop large enough for the button, fold the leather in half. Tie a knot to connect leather and thread. Attach the loop to a piece of cardboard with a binder clip. Grasp the thread in the middle of the leather strands and wrap it over the right strand and under the right. Repeat with the left strand. Repeat to complete the figure eight stitch. Pull the thread tight to bind.

Step 3: Add the beads, stitch, and you’re done

If any of your readers try out these tips, leave in the comments your thoughts on the project.  Was it hard? Easy?

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