Gossip Jack: Blind Items Edition

23 Sep

This D list actress with A list name recognition says she is giving up acting because producers are making her audition and it is just too much work. She doesn’t understand why her name does not get her more roles. She doesn’t understand why she is not a big star and getting leads in movies. For now, she says that she will wait for people to call and to realize her extraordinary acting ability. Crazy Days and Nights

Which A+ list female singer was caught backstage at a show this week with a male backupdancer down on his knees between her legs. The singer didn’t even care and told the person, “Honey, he might be gay, but he still has a tongue and he knows how to use it.” Crazy Days and Nights

This couple was A list. They were everywhere. Every tabloid always had photos of them. They always seemed like an odd pair, but they were together for a very long time. She at the time was an A list actress. Every movie it seemed like mentioned her name as someone who might be in it, and she made five or six movies a year. He was A list too. A different kind of A list though. Most people say he used her. He used her knowledge and her contacts. He used her when he wanted sex which was not often. It is why he likes his current lady friend so much. She is happy with once every two months, just like our A lister. Our A list actress is a bit more sexual. OK, a lot more sexual and has never been shy about it. She always thought it was something she was doing wrong. She finally realized that she was being used, but she was not one to break up with someone. She wanted everything to work out. She was in love and thought she could change him. Then she met another A lister. He used her too, but she was ok with it because he gave her lots of sex. Tons of it. From within the first 30 minutes they met they had sex. He had always had strippers and escorts, but this was an actress. Someone he had seen at the movies. The guy was thrilled and it showed. He didn’t like being the other guy though. Our actress could not force herself to tell her boyfriend about the new guy. So, they went on with their daily lives until one day the new A lister in our actresses’ life was on a golf course and flat out told the boyfriend what he was doing to his girlfriend. 10 minutes later the relationship was over and our actress was with the guy she thought she was going to be with forever. Well, things changeCrazy Days and Nights

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress is set to be the next beard for this former A list actor who is now a solid B who has been flailing around for awhile without a steady beard. Our actress, who is known for her acting, but not much else, wants a taste of fame she has not had yet. She wants covers of tabloids and a new level of marketability and is willing to be a beard. It is not like she dates a lot anyway. Crazy Days and Nights

#1 – This A+ list actor takes a break between filming movies by spending a week with one or two women who don’t speak a word of English. He says it helps him to relax because he can focus strictly on the sex and pleasure and not be cluttered with words. Crazy Days and Nights

#2 – This former A+ list actor who is now a B+ will only take a shower on the set of a movie if someone stands outside the shower door and also the door of his trailer. He is too scared of someone getting video of him. Crazy Days and Nights

#3 – This A list actress broke up with one celebrity boyfriend because he wanted sex other than in just the missionary position. She says that is the only position she does except in a movie. Her celebrity husband must be thrilled. Crazy Days and Nights

#4 – This A list actress (Academy Award) agreed to return to her B+ list actor husband after he had run off with an 18 year old wardrobe assistant. However, they have not had sex in the year they have been back together. Crazy Days and Nights

This is about a couple — Mr and Mrs Celebrity. Very famous. Rather wealthy. Sprinkled with stardust. Theirs is a long and enduring marriage. But when they met there was one major obstacle: Mr Celebrity was married. However, the wife-in-waiting was impatient and very keen to become Mrs Celebrity. Somehow, just by chance, the inconvenient first wife came across some rather interesting pictures. This all happened a long time ago, but folks back home spread it around that Mr Celebrity and the wife-in-waiting had made sure that the first wife had graphic evidence of their relationship, thus precipitating a divorce. And so Mr & Mrs Celebrity married and lived happily ever after. The Morton Report

With Mr & Mrs VIP … there appears to have been a truce. After wildfire separation rumours, Mr VIP started to be nice about Mrs VIP, even though she skipped yet another event she should have attended. Then they went on holiday together. At least they were photographed together — which is not quite the same thing as actually being together… The Morton Report

This actress has been keeping a really low profile this summer. That’s because she is recovering from a face lift. While we are not shocked that a Hollywood actress is getting plastic surgery, we are a bit surprised that this actress is getting her first lift done at such a young age. We haven’t seen her yet, but we hear that the work was “pretty extensive”, that she looks “different” but “not bad”, and that her husband “approves”. Blind Gossip

Which singer needs to curb her use of crack? This lady needs to look after that voice! Daily Mirror

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