Melissa Gorga is No Stripper

20 Sep

Picture courtesy of Barbaric Weeknight

Via Hollywood Life:

In case you missed it on Sept. 16, Teresa met Angelo when she was getting ready for the Posche fashion show with Kim DePaola – who told Teresa that he knew Melissa because she used to “dance” for him.

 “Anyone with two eyes can see that it was a complete setup. For the last four seasons, Teresa got her hair and makeup done in her house by the same stylists. Are you trying to tell me it’s just such a coincidence that Teresa happens to be going with her new buddy, Kim DePaola — a troublemaker and s**t stirrer — to this salon she’s never heard of, and it just so happens to be this guy for the salon, and it just so happens he knows me?” she tells the mag.

I didn’t get the chance to see the episode because Bravo was acting up on my TV, but the previews did make it seem kind of fishy, and truthfully I can completely believe this.  Teresa Giudice is a crazy chick.  She’s also quite manipulative on the show.  I can’t wait to see the season finale on September 23rd.


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