Lil Scrappy Not a Changed Man

20 Sep

Via Baller Alert:

Wellllllllllllllllllllllll I am a very popular  personal assistant in ATL that works with everyone. I just seen u tweet Bambi from the Basketball wives. I was supposed to be on LLH ATL but I rather make continuous ongoing stable money then ruin my rep, image, and life for only  a year’s worth of hostings and gigs.Anywho, that chic named Adiz Bambi who is on BasketBall Wives LA. She already is a trip in ATL. She raps. Running around the city with her pink flag gurls and all. It sucks when a female has no respect though for marriages or engagements. I guess her and Scrappy are messing around from the looks of instagram…..but didnt Scrappy just get engaged? And on the front of ALL these magazines with Erica. I regress……Sucks. Cant wait to see what other scandalous things she is going to be doing after I already saw her on the super trailer kissing Draya. WTF.

I’m really hoping this is not true.  I would like to believe that Lil Scrappy is not that much of an idiot and a creep.  But this is more likely a ploy to get the chick Bambi some press, rather than this actually being true.


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