Gossip Jack: Blind Items Edition

20 Sep

Via Crazy Days and Nights:

THIS 60-something stage and film star was caught in a hotel room wearing a dress and makeup! The Oscar winner, who married a popular ’80s teen actress, attracted attention after guests called about a loud commotion in one of the rooms. When security and hotel management arrived, the actor shocked everyone by opening the door in full drag. He claimed he was doing research for an acting role, but no one bought it. Who is Mr. Dress-up?

Via Blind Gossip:

There has been much speculation surrounding the status of this headline-grabbing former couple. Are they are, or are they not, together? The answer lays squarely in the former rather than the latter.

Despite the bad press, despite the criticism of fans, despite the ridicule that would be heaped upon them when they finally reunite in public together as a couple, they simply don’t care.

So, is their love really that strong? Perhaps. But certainly their “sexual chemistry” is intense, leading one friend to say that they are ”obsessed by one another” . With the pair already sharing the same bed again, all bets hedge on them walking the red carpet together very, very soon…

Via Crazy Days and Nights:

This former A list usually movie actor and now a permanent B lister has always been good looking. He has also been in one of the more famous Hollywood marriages of all-time. Just like most of the other marriages in Hollywood though, it ended. She cheated and got caught. He cheated and just kept right on cheating into his next marriage. He has been busted cheating in the not too distant past, but still keeps on doing it. There are some nice photos of him right now holding hands and kissing a production assistant from his most recent acting effort. He had to buy those photos because he made a deal with his wife that he would not cheat. Oh, and the production assistant? Her be quiet prize was that she got a job on a movie as a production assistant to an A+ director and it did not take her long at all to work her magic. The married director already moved her into his hotel room. Anyway, I digress. Our actor cheater and not the director cheater, has not slowed down since being busted. He just is doing a much better job of not getting caught. He screens women now and prefers them to be in the business. No more random hookups with strangers in bars, although that is and was his favorite. He used to say that even though he was married to one of the most famous women in the world he could walk into any bar and get a woman to go have sex with him in under 15 minutes. He says it takes about 20 minutes now because he is older.

Via Lainey Gossip:

Nothing to laugh about here — this one we will all be sad about. All of us. Because it’s almost over for them. After rising together and stabilising together and conveniently finding a home together, where you’d think work would be so much easier, and having the babies too, they’re close to formally ending it, and there may be an announcement soon…which, well, if you look at him it doesn’t seem to have affected him physically. Everyone says he really cares about his appearance these days, more than ever, and is looking hotter than ever. Or, as one person put it, “hot all of a sudden”. Emotionally too he hasn’t let on that there’s anything wrong. For what it’s worth, I’m told there was no third party involvement. Perhaps that means it’s amicable, just the end of their story. Perhaps we’ll be more choked about it than they are. As I drench my waffles in more maple syrup.

Revealed to be: Will Arnett and Amy Poehler

Via Blind Items Exposed:

Let’s take a break from the Twilight despair to get into some sexual produce.
They’ve been together a while now. They’re beautiful and fashionable and they’ve travelled the world. This sense of adventure extends beyond geography. After so many years, it would appear that these two are still super hot for each other.
At a party very recently, they wandered into the garden. They started kissing, rubbing, grinding. He went between her thighs…with his hands…and an accessory.
A cucumber.
In the garden.
At a party.
With a cucumber.
She enjoyed it.
They didn’t know at the time but there was an audience. When they figured that out they were obviously mortified. They’re a lot luckier than Kristen Stewart though. The evidence in this case will not be published.

Top suspects: Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger              

Via Crazy Days and Nights:

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress is B- despite her acting resume which includes awards and franchises. She has a voodoo doll of another Academy Award winner/nominee A list actress who our B lister thinks is her biggest rival for parts. Everyday without fail she sticks the doll, but until recently it did not do any good. No matter what our B lister does, she is never the first choice for the parts and ends up taking leftovers. Often the leftovers are bombs and she knows she will disappear if she can’t start getting some of the leads. This consumes her. All she ever talks about is the A list actress. Talk to her for five minutes and she will start complaining. One day she got very lucky though. She was doing her usual spouting off and some guy who wanted to have sex with her started talking about how he had seen the A lister going back to ahotel room with a guy who was most definitely not her significant other. The A lister has always said she has a wonderful relationship and her whole family life is perfect. Our B lister has taken advantage of this by being very sneaky. She has told select people like female producers and directors. They end up not wanting to hire the A list actress because who knows if the actress might end up going after their guy. One role that the A list actress was a lock to get, suddenly went to the B list actress. Now she has a popcorn flick and keeps on spreading the dirt as much as possible.

Via Crazy Days and Nights:

This vegan who makes it very clear she is a vegan and mentions it every second that she can when she is not being a former almost A list actress who starred in an iconic role before dropping all the way down to her current B-/C+ movie or television depending on who will employ her has her assistant bring her a hamburger from Umami at least once a week and it is not a vegetarian one or even a turkey one.


Via Crazy Days and Nights:

This celebrity offspring who has her own show now has yet to tell her boyfriend that she is pregnant because he will make her stop drinking and doing drugs and besides having sex in her mom’s bed, those are her two favorite things to do.

Via Crazy Days and Nights:

What former Tweener who has had a rocky life since her acting career folded is back doing drugs and has three or four men who are happy to pay to spend time with her while her boyfriend stayshome watching the kids.


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