Lady Gaga is A Great Friend

15 Sep


Picture Courtesy of Just Jared

So yeah, I know this is from the Enquirer so it’s probably crap, however, lately they have been getting a lot of celebrity scoops and gossip correct lately, so I don’t know.

Via Celebitchy:

 Reaching out to one of Hollywood’s truly troubled souls, Lady Gaga – after hearing Lindsay Lohan had run up a staggering $46,000 bill she couldn’t cough up Chateau Marmont – offered to pay it off in full.

But here’s the heart-tugging kicker: Gaga, who’s worth an estimated $150 million, told LiLo it wasn’t a loan, but a gift – so she’d no longer be banned from the swanky celeb hangout!

Said an insider: “Lady Gaga’s had many meals and sleepovers with her pal Lindsay at Chateau Marmont, and she wants that tradition to continue. But Lindsay, despite being enormously grateful, turned Gaga’s generous offer down, saying she’d resolve it herself.”

Personally, I don’t care about Lady Gaga, but I think this is sort of a bad awesome kind of thing.  Bad because Lindsay Lohan needs to get her ass handed to her BADLY, but awesome because it’s a super sweet thing of Lady Gaga to do.






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