DMX Isn’t a Cash Money Fan

15 Sep

Picture courtesy of IMDB

Whelp, looks like you won’t be seeing DMX at a Cash Money concert any time soon.

Via All Hop Hop:

During the sitdown, X chatted about everything from his hatred of Drake’s voice -“he sounds like a washing machine, it’s so annoying,” – to his beef with Nicki Minaj “stealing bars.“

Check out what he told us below:

“I’m not feeling Nicki Minaj’s music whatsoever,” said DMX. “This b*tch is like Waiiiiiiooooo – that’s cheating! She’s stealing two bars with one annoying sound. It’s disrespectful to the craft, and I don’t like that sh*t.”

DMX also doesn’t like Nicki’s enhanced appearance.

“She’s got a fake *ss, and she thinks she’s a barbie. Last time I checked, Barbie didn’t have a huge inflated fake *ss. She looks ridiculous!

 Well, it’s not like anyone should be surprised by what D said.  He’s never been known to hold his tongue.  Truthfully, I’m just glad he’s back.  I can’t wait for his new record to come out.  I love me some DMX, I used to have the BIGGEST crush on him back in the day.  The way he used to bark and growl, OMG.







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