Why is Gucci Mane Mad At Rasheeda and Kirk?

14 Sep
Picture courtesy of Gawker
So apparently on Gucci Mane’s new track “Shook Them Haters Off”, he raps about Rasheeda and Kirk.
Gucci raps,
“You the type a b**ch old as hell still tryna rap, and I’m the type a n***a young as hell an I run the trap, now you the type a freak say lick your Georgia PEACH, you married to a lame and dat lame don’t wont no BEEF.”


“Now he the type a n***a that a old lame azz b**ch a want, ain’t never drank no beer ain’t never rolled no bl***,”
“Now she da type of girl ain’t got no azz on her back, know Kirk ain’t got no money I heard she fu**in Cat, now Jase da type of guy go both ways like I don’t know, I heard he f**ing Kirk in da azz on da D low.”
WOW.  So I’m wondering why is Gucci Mane so mad at Rasheeda and Kirk?  I watched Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and I didn’t see anything that would allude to this type of beef.  Does anyone know?

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