Usher Responds to Tameka

9 Sep
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From TMZ

The singer filed his own response on Wednesday asking the court to deny Tameka’s request, claiming her motion is “an assault on the integrity of the court.”Usher believes Tameka is delusional, claiming if she were granted a new trial, it would be grounds for a reversal of ALL trials where a lawyer had contributed to a judge’s campaign.Usher claims the motion “constitutes a continuum of [Tameka’s] vile and unsupported claims that every person who dared testify against her … is biased and tainted.”

I’m on Team Usher on this one, and I’ll tell you why.  While yes I do think he is probably quite a jerk (there have been rumors for years he’s a bit of an a**hole), there have also been rumors for years regarding Tameka’s sanity, so this whole “Oh Usher’s Lawyer bought the judgment” thing is crap.  Judges don’t take away kids from the mother unless the mother is bad, and no amount of money and stuff can keep the kids either way.  Look at Britney Spears, she lost her kids and she is way more popular than Tameka, with way more money than her baby daddy, however, the courts proved she was crazy, so she lost her kids.  Same thing with Tameka, even though Usher has money, that doesn’t mean ish.  The chick was fighting for her Saks card, because of “business” which is crap, if you are that big and have that many clients, then you should be able to get your own Saks account.  Rachel Zoe has one.

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