Kristen Stewart Tries to Get Rob’s Attention

9 Sep
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Even though this movie was filmed before the whole cheating scandal thing broke, you have to really wonder where her mind was when she agreed to do this movie.  Oh and Rob’s.

Via E! Online:

Stewart, 22, plays Marylou, the 16-year-old bride of a writer-wannabe played by Country Strong’s Garrett Hedlund, 28. (The two are based on the late Luanne Henderson and Neal Cassady.) 
Stewart first appears in the film on a bed topless. Then you see her rolling and smoking joints with Hedlund and Sam Riley, who plays the Kerouac-like Sal Paradise. 
The sex scenes are numerous. In one, Stewart is sandwiched between Hedlund and Riley. Another has her banging a wall while moaning and groaning. 
And then there’s the much-talked-about bit where she appears to be sitting naked in the front seat of car and using her hands to pleasure Hedlund and Riley at the same time.

So seeing as how this movie was filmed when she was with Rob and probably still banging the director of her other movie, it’s got to be pretty awkward right?  I mean she’s basically living out the cheating scandal again, only this time on film.

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