Kanye West is Still Standing By Kim Kardashian

7 Sep

[Kanye West] cancelled his appearance after deciding he didn’t want to attend tonight’s ceremony in Los Angeles without his girlfriend Kim Kardashian by his side.The reality star, 31, had a prior engagement at Fashion’s Night Out in New York, where she will be promoting her True Reflection perfume at Lord & Taylor.A source tells Mail Online: ‘Kim’s in New York for her fragrance launch and Kanye didn’t want to go to the VMAs if she couldn’t be there.’Kanye’s song Mercy featuring Pusha T, Big Sean & 2 Chainz is up for Best Hip-Hop Video and Best Editing. He was not scheduled to perform.

Ugh, I wish Kanye would just stop all of this already.  I know I may seem like a “hater” but first of all that word gets thrown around way to lightly, and second of all, I just don’t like her period.  I actually do think she is a smart business woman, I mean hey she turned a sex tape into what it she is today, but I don’t like her, I think she’s fake, annoying, and I’ve never wanted to see someone hurt emotionally as bad as I want to see her hurt.  It’s sick I know, but whatever.  I will however, commend Kanye, he is definitely sticking by this chick, and that is quite endearing.

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