Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

4 Sep
Yes, yes, a million times yes.  Kelisand Nas have a date night.  Rhymes with Snitch
These pictures are so freaking adorable.  TMZ
OMG this just makes The Rock EVEN more sexier to me.  Daily Mail
This man ain’t shit and I hope he get’s his ass stretched in prison every day. NY Daily News
I think it’s cute that Obama went to a Jay Zconcert. The Hill (blog)
While I don’t believe Reality TV is bringing down black culture, I do agree with this blogger’s take on K. Michelle’s comment regarding Harriet Tubman.  Popular Critic
Charlamagne Tha God is HILARIOUS, and he was going IN on Twitter.  Tale Tela
I want this to be the beginning of the end.  Celebs.That.Gather.Com 
These were the funniest moments of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta ReunionVH1 Blog
See, this makes me feel bad for Lindsay Lohan.  Contact Music
I’m glad that Scrappyproposed to Erica, and Shay, you shouldn’t be putting ish in your name, unless he’s your husband.  Huliq

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