Evelyn Lozada Compares Her Incident to Rape Victims

4 Sep
Picture courtesy of www.abcnews.go.com
I did not watch Evelyn’s interview, I already was on the fence about her but when I saw the few stills and the previews of her interview, I noticed there is no scar, and I’m sorry but there is no way in hell that there shouldn’t be at least some form of a scar, so that right there made me feel quite pissed.  
And then this little nugget from her interview came out, via Hip Hop Wired:

In response to naysayers not believing her account, Lozada made a questionable comparison. “I understand it, but I also think that, it’s like saying ‘Well look at that woman. Look at what she had on, that’s why she got raped.’ she said on ABC’s Nightline, Friday (Aug. 31).”I just feel like it’s a little unfair. Whatever the perception of me is on Basketball Wives that doesn’t justify what happened that day.”

You see that right there makes me soooo angry.  The world wasn’t saying oh well look how she acted, that’s why she deserved to get head butted (true, some people were saying that but not most), the majority of the people were saying they didn’t believe she got head butted at all, and/or that she set it all up to get publicity, which frankly she is proving people right by her actions, and that is COMPLETLEY different from when people say “Oh look how she was dressed, she deserved to get raped”, and to make that comparison is completely wrong and makes her a piece of shit. 

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