Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

29 Aug
Picture courtesy of http://celebslam.celebuzz.com/
I actually believe this.  Mainly becauase Twitter defintley seems a lot more popular than Facebook nowadays.  ClickZ 
I watch this show, and seriously this chick is quite delisulional.  Examiner 
Damn I was really hoping this wouldn’t get ugly.  I really love them both.  Bossip    
This is sort of cute.  Did I say cute?  I meant Creepy.  This chick talks about these two WAAAAYYY too much.  I get it.  You love them, they love you, and you are all a happy family.  Move on.  Marie Claire.co.uk     
True.  A lot of people have been cheated on.  However, most of us have left the relationship when the man blatantly disrespects you, oh and if it was done on National Television, I’m sure a lot of woman would’ve left.  That’s why we talk junk about you.  Bossip 
Hoopz responds to the breakup rumors, and apparently Blogs spread untruth.  *Side eye*  Rhymes With Snitch 
I like this guy and does it make me bad that this makes me like him even more?  Celebrity Smack Blog 
So tired of celebrities not admitting the truth.  True, all woman could lose the baby fat quickly.  If all woman diddn’t have to work, take care of their homes, and their other children.  Jezebel
This is so freaking sad.  There’s a special place in hell for this man and people like him. Tattle Tailz  
I’m happy for this chick.  I like her.  I think she’s sweet and I think she really did love Hef.  Celebitchy  
Well I’m glad more people are saying this darn it.  Crunk & Disorderly 

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