Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

29 Aug
This is sooo much fun.  Personally I don’t think either chick gives a flying flip about each other.  Sandra Rose 
Robert Pattinson is sexy.  That is all.  Mommy’s Dirty Little Secret
I want all people to listen up.  Black, White, Spanish, Asain, Persuian, European, Etc.  NOT ALL FREAKING BLACK PEOPLE WERE SLAVES.  THE SLAVES WERE FROM AFRICA, AND NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE FROM FREAKING AFRICA.  Straight From the A  
I don’t know why, but this makes me so happy.  Bossip 
This woman is also one of my favorites.  I am addicted to Empire Girls.    Ohverly Critical   
BEST.IDEA.EVER. What Would Tyler Durden Do  
Well hey at least she’s not on welfare.  Crazy Days and Nights
So wait, vaginas don’t have teeth?  Jezebel
If there truly is a God, this will come true like NOW.  Gossip Jacker 

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