Evelyn Lozada Proves She’s a Gold Digger

29 Aug
Picture courtesy of http://www.wenn.com
Reading over at TaleTela, I saw this cute little nugget, now like I’ve said, I am sort of on the fence regarding this whole was it for publicity question.  But I have to say, information like this makes me feel sorrier for Chad then Evelyn.

The Chicago Sun Times have reported that the reality vixen contacted her lawyer about divorce proceeding once she got wind their reality show had been dropped.“She was really pissed. … Evelyn is all about fame and self-promotion,” a source told the newspaper.“Once she realized that marriage [to Johnson] wasn’t working to help that – she was out. …” the source added.“She’s tough and could handle the abuse, though most of it with Chad was verbal. But she can’t stand the chance of not being in the public eye anymore.”

You see, things like this just kind of reinforce the thought that Evelyn is some piece of work.  And she is definitely a gold digger.  If any of this is true, I truly hope EVERYTHING crumbles around her.

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